The associates and experts of GROUP ENGITEC INC. , provide an extensive range of real estate management services to co-ownership, condominiums, coops, investment properties as well as commercial and industrial real estate.  

The associates and employees of Group Engitec Inc. are working constantly to keep a high standard of property management and service.

The property managers in our firm are professionals experienced in real estate management. 

The scope of our company is to provide our clients with a high quality service at very competitive rates.


Group Engitec’s clients benefit from computerized accounting. We keep detailed journals which include the following:

  • Sales
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cash Disbursement
  • General Ledger & Trial Balance
  • Deposits of Investment of the reserve fund for condominiums (to be added)
  • Investment of the reserve fund

At month end, the administrators/owners are presented with a detailed ageing report of accounts receivable. Any past due accounts are followed up with a computerized statement. In case a prompt payment is not received, the co-owner/tenant will be contacted by our collection department.

Reserve Fund

Given today’s economic environment, the managers of Groupe Engitec are aware of  the need to build up the reserve fund. 

The maintenance and repairs  of buildings has escalated in the past few years.  An important reserve fund will avoid major increases in condominium fees and assessments.   

The property managers are negotiating directly with the bank managers in order to obtain the best possible returns available

Relations with the co-owners / tenants ( complaints )

The property manager responds immediately to every co-owner/tenant’s complaint.  Once the complaint has been received and analysed, the necessary measures are taken in order to rectify the problem. 

In case of emergency situations, the property managers can be reached 24/7.

Supervision and management of employees

The property manager ensures that the tasks at hand are completed properly and promptly.  Our managers work together with
the client in finding competent and qualified employees and

Coordination of contractors and subcontractors

In case of major repairs, construction or renovation, the coordination, scheduling and and management of all projects are lead by Group Engitec’s professionals.

Our engineering background permits us to deal with the professionals, contractors and subcontractors at a professional level protecting the interests of the client.

Cost Control

The growth of our company in the past few years has permitted us to negotiate important discounts with our subcontractors and suppliers. 

Given our purchase power,our clients benefit from lower costs for materials, equipment and services.

Preventive maintenance programs

Our firm`s managers have customized preventive maintenance programs for our clients. 

From past experience, we have found that these preventive maintenance programs decrease the need for future major repairs.

Inspection of the property

The manager inspects the property on a regular basis ( ex: inspection of the heating and air conditioning systems, elevators, swimming pool areas, garage door, exterior grounds, etc ).

Transfer of administration from the developer to the syndicate

Our managers assist with the transfer of administration from the developer to the Syndicate and from the seller to the buyer in the case of an investment property.

Our management experience has shown us that in order to facilitate the transfer of administration and/or ownership, documents such as maintenance contracts, guarantees, technical specifications of the building’s equipment are essential for a smooth transition between parties