We specialize in fast leasing and high-quality property management services for rental homes, condominiums and other residential properties in the Tampa – Naples corridor of south west Florida, including the following counties: Hillsbourough. Pinellas, Manatee,
Sarasota, Lee, Carlotte, Collier.

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple: good tenant management, marketing on multiple internet sites, low operating cost, while maintaining the property, and superior customer service.

The screening of credit, background, employment and criminal check of potential tenants is essential to protect the property and to assure prompt payment of the rent,

Our commitment to excellent service , professionalism, honesty, integrity and transparency, ensures that we provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Management Services

Among the management services oferred:

Rent Payment:

We will collect the rent and deposit your payment into an account of your choice or simply mail you a check. We respectfully enforce the Lease Agreement and Florida Statutes with regard to rent payments. This helps ensure timely collection of your rental payments.
your rental payments.

Provide Estimates for Major Repairs:

Oversee maintenance and repairs, supplying the owner with comparable estimates 
For the owners that have preferred contractors, we will coordinate with them as well.  

Bill Payment:

We will pay for any owner approved maintenance repairs or replacement to the property .

You will be advised of the repairs required for the property.​

Semi Annual Inspections:

The property will be inspected semi-annually to make sure that the tenant upkeeps the cleanliness of the property and that no damages have been committed.

Maintenance Calls:

Emergency response: 24 hours a day/7 days a week your. Owners and tenants are able to reach us live. We are equipped to handle all maintenance calls and needs of the Tenants. This includes access to maintenance technicians around the clock.

Detailed Monthly Bookeeping:

  • Statements: Each month we provide owners with a detailed monthly statement which includes: revenues, expenses, net revenue.
  • Collect rents and disburse the income to you via
    ○ Direct Debit from tenant’s bank account for monthly rental payments
    ○ Automatic Direct Deposits of rental income into your private bank account:
  • Administer tenant deposits
  • Coordinate the refund of tenant deposits
  • Generate monthly computerized operating statements

Maintenance of the Property:

  • Complete move-in/move-out inspection reports
  • Provide digital photos of your property via the Internet

These are just a few of the services offered by Prestigious Property Management. Whatever your needs, our team will provide you with the professional expertise you expect and deserve.

Advertising & Showing:

On internet real estate rental sites.